Mobile Data Speed: Bangladesh one of the worst in world

Bangladesh has the lowest speeds for mobile internet of the 110 countries studied by the newly released 2021 Digital Quality of Life index.

The overall rank in Bangladesh is 103rd out of 110 nations.

India was ranked 59th, Sri Lanka 88th and Pakistan 97th.

Bangladesh's ranking fell by 25 spots from last year . Currently it ranks 30th of 32 Asian countries. Yet, Bangladesh has ranked 16th in stability of the internet as well as 43rd for the broadband growth category.

Digital Quality of Life Index is a publication by Surfshark an internationally renowned VPN service provider. The report ranks 110 countries around the globe through a look at five essential elements that define the digital quality of life.

These five pillars include affordable internet online accessibility, internet quality electronic infrastructure Electronic security, and the electronic system of government.

The pillars comprise the 14 (two more than the previous year) indicators that are interconnected and are used to assess the digital quality of life.


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